Lost voice to a severe cough, tremors

Patient: My symptom started out about 6 days ago as if I was losing my voice but has now steadily developed into more of a persistent cough and a minor soar throat. I still have a lot of difficulty talking still. Any suggestions?

Symptoms: Lost voice, cough with discharge, sore throat and tremors but no fever

Doctor: You want to make sure you don’t have strep throat….that is the main thing we worry about…some symptoms of strep incl ude:- Sore and red swollowen throat- fever and a headache- upset stomach, vomitting- white blisters or patches in back of throatMy suggestion is to monitor it for the day as it may just be a bad cough and try drinking lots of fluids, tea, lots of vitamin c etc. If it still is not on the mend after a day of rest, go see your doctor.

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Guest: You should go see your doctor in person to get some antibiotics if it is indeed strep throat.