Love and depression exam fear

Patient: Hi sir I am in deeply in love and i am studying mbbs. Part1 final year I feeling depressed because eh girl who I love is rejecting my proposal but she wants to be with me she like me a lot even we went out last week she likes me a lot but she says that she can’t love me … Actually a her school friend already proposed her long back and she says she can’t leave him but she is not sure whether she loves him or not and I can’t concentrate on studies… Pls help me this is my last attempt to pass spm ent and opthalmolgy sir or else I will hav back log of 6 months I hav only 28 days sir pls help me




Symptoms: Headache , ergo to drink alcohol

Doctor: Your question regarding studies and love are understandable, but do remember that both won’t go together. Since you have the exam coming up soon, it is necessary that you concentrate on your studies. Love can wait. With the back logs loving becomes much more difficult and may lead to many more problems.Also remember that love cannot be one way! Each has their own take on that. You may be in love, but it is also necessary that the person whom you are loving also works at the same wave length. Otherwise even if love succeeds now it can lead to more problems later. You must respect her decision to wait, because she also need to concentrate and work for her studies and any distraction from your side may be construed wrongly by her. In life today or tomorrow you are likely to come across some body who can gel well with your personality, ideas and emotions.Keeping all the aspects in mind, it is necessary that you attend to your studies and studies alone. Love can wait for a while. We wish you all the best in your studies and for the exam.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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