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Lovenox and Abortion

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Hi, I have no history of a misscarraige nor stroke. By my OBGYN requested a blood test which showed my cariolipin Iag to be 15 H (equiviocal). I was on aspirin before pregnancy and now I am on lovenox. I am 16 weeks pregnant. I was on lovenox for 14 days. (14 doses of 30 mg). I want to go through surgical abortion now. I have stopped taking lovenox for 5 days and the abortion is 3 days away. Are there any risks? Thank you Dei


The effects of Lovenox do not last for long after administration is stopped. From that point of view, there should be no issues with terminating your pregnancy. However, 16 weeks is a fairly advanced pregnancy and while it is still possible to terminate the pregnancy the risks increase as the pregnancy advances. You should be clear about your need to terminate the pregnancy as well be sure to seek a doctor who is experienced in termination of pregnancies which are this advanced.

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