Low Back Pain and Muscle Stiffness after Waist Stretching Exercises

Patient: Dear doctor, i am a 29 year old female. 4 months back,i had severe arm and neck pain due to intensive typing on the computer. i went to osteopath and followed doctor’s advice and did some exercise of the neck and arm , and now the intense pain at the back of my neck and arms are gone. but i started a normal exercise routine 10 days ago, after a long time, which included jogging for 2 mins in the same spot, lifitng of shoulders, exhale-inhale warm ups. then i did some exercises related to waist. its been 3 days, i am sensing a tight knot and stiffness in the middle of my back,and it appears if i sit for sometime on a chair. when i move around, it seems to pressure my spine and waist, but there is no pain. during the intense neck pain in the previous months,i would also get burning sensation in my shoulder blades, muscles in the side of the neck, but they would go away after lots of relaxation. but presently the stiffness and heaviness that i am feeling in the middle of my back, is causing discomfort and i cant sit for long on the chair. can you please tell me what is the problem and how to get a solution for it?

Doctor: It is possible you may have twisted your waist the wrong way and pulled some back muscles. There could be muscle rigidit y on that area which is why it feels tight. Try having over-the-counter muscle relaxants (Methocarbamol), it may help the discomfort. Take this at night because it may make you drowsy and alter driving skills. Do not do the waist exrecises anymore. If the discomfort persists even after taking this then see a doctor promptly. I hope this helps and take care always.