Low back pain Feels stiff Radiates to legs.

Patient: Low back pain. Feels stiff. Radiates to legs, relieved by a back support. Hurts to bend or sit for too long. Pain is at 8/10. Back pain/soreness for 2 day (traveling). Sneezed 2 days ago and felt a snap. Since then i’ve been in pain. Please advice:

Doctor: Hello,Sorry to hear about the pain. It looks like you might have sciatica which is due to compression of a nerve exiti ng the spinal cord. I suggest the following1. Take Advil or Tylenol to relieve the pain (if you are not allergic)2. Avoid strenuous work and lifting heavy weight3. If the pain does not resolve in a day or two, or if you have numbness or weakness of the feet, consult your primary care doctor to get an MRI of the limbo sacral spineHope this helps