Low Blood Sugar in Non-diabetic

Patient: My father is a diabetic and to show my kids that doing a home blood test does not hurt, I tested my blood sugar and it showed my levels to be low … 3.9 in the morning before breakfast. So I tested again that evening before dinner and it was 2.7. I’ve tested my sugar levels in the mornings before breakfast now for three days and it stays under 4 – 3.9, 3.5 and 3.7 I had a migraine three days back, but it cleared up rather quickly. I don’t feel hypoglycemic, not even that evening when I tested 2.7. I eat regular balanced meals. I’m not obese (I’m 1.72m and weigh 80kg) I am thirsty a lot, but it’s summer and hot, so not drinking more water than usual and also not going to the loo more than I normaly did.My question is: Should I be worried about my low blood sugar levels, or may the cause be the medication I’m taking or just that my blood sugar is naturally low? What could be an other reason for the low blood sugar results that I’m getting?