Low Calories High Exercise-Still Cant Lose Weight!

Patient: I am 53, 5’8″, and have always had a slow metabolism. I have no idea why-I go for physicals every year and my Doc says my numbers are fine. He says to eat less and exercise more BUT I eat less than 1000 calories a day, spend 45 minutes thre times a week on my elliptical, and the scale wont budge from 250. I have been told I am not eating enough and my body is in starvation mode. Last summer I raised my intake to 2000 calories a day, didnt execise except for golf, and I gained 15 pounds! I am only now getting back to 250, which my body seems to want to stay at.Have you ever heard of this? A friend says I should see a specialist, possibly an endocrinologist. The nearest one is a 7 hour drive away with a long waiting list.I can handle the extra weight, but the worst part is my huge belly. It is getting difficult to turn the steering wheel in my compact car.The rest of me is not bad-thanks to the exercise, but the belly makes me ware size XL clothes. If it was smaller I could prob wear L. I have tried lots of supplements, ‘HIIT’ workouts, low carb, low fat, vegetarian. Nothing works. I realise it could be genetic, but I have no family picture or info to go on.Help!