Low ferritin level? Cause for pain in body?

Patient: I was looking over some blood work I had done and it says my ferritin is 8. Is that low? Also, I have been having light pains throughout my body almost like nerve pain, could this be a cause?

Symptoms: Light pain travels through body, arms, wrists, legs, ankles etc.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query.I understand your concern.Along with ferritin, your Complete Blood Count especiall y the hemoglobin count as well as a peripheral smear is suggested to rule out anemia. The normal ferritin level for females in most standard labs range from 12-150 ng/ml. So yes, considering that your ferritin level is low. ( 8 ). Low levels of ferritin could be due to1)Heavy menstrual bleeding2)Intestinal conditions that cause poor absorption of iron3)Iron deficiency anemia4)Long-term digestive tract bleeding.Anemia can lead to excessive fatigue as well as dull myalgia. You need to consult your physician and get the required investigations done for anemia. Based on that treatment can be initiated.Regards.