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Low HIDA scan ejection fraction

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I have only been experiencing upper back pain No vomiting or stomach pain, just pain around the shoulder blades. After a CT and ultrasound I had a HIDA scan and it came back at 16%. Saw a surgeon and he said even though the 16% is low, since I have only been having the upper back pains, he suggested I not have my gallbladder removed. I have been reading and most every comment I see from people having a low scan also have the cramping or vomiting or nausea. Does the 16% ejection by itself say I should have the gallbladder removed ?


A low ejection fraction on a HIDA scan is not an indication for removal of the gall bladder. Your symptoms are not typical of gall bladder disease. It is important that your doctors rule out other conditions that could be causing your back pain such as acid reflux disease, chronic pancreatitis or spine disorder. If it is confirmed that your symptoms are due to your gall bladder then seek a second opinion about having it removed.

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