October 19, 2018

Low lying placenta & pyelectasis

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Patient: Hello doctor.. i m 19 weeks 5 days pregnant and my scan reports says my foetus has mild pyelectasis of fetal kidney and low lying placenta. Pl guide what precautions i need to take and can this mild pyelectasis be cured?

Symptoms: Light cramping in the lower abdomen

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If there has be pyelectasis with pelvicalyceal diameter of foetal renal pelvis is less than 10mm its perfectly fine and it just needs to be followed up with subsequent scans for any increase in size and features of hydronephrotic kidney.Secondly low lying placenta indicates placenta previa which at 19weeks is not much of an importance as lower segment is not formed by now so at 32 weeks a repeat SCAN diagnose the actual location of the placenta. If it remains 2cm or less from the internal os then placenta previa is confirmed and normal vaginal delivery may/ may not be free from complications and chances of c-section occur. For prevention, intercourse has to be completely avoided hence to avoid any form of bleeding and foetal compromise, secondly sitting and squatting exercises to be avoided and in the later third trimester bed rest would have to be practiced may be after hospitalisation and a alert watch has to be kept over any evidence of bleeding ever per vaginum which should be reported to the physician immediately.Wishing you safe pregnancy,Regards

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