Low lying Placenta at 24 weeks

Patient: My wife is 24 weeks pregnant,she had usg ,it says single live foetus with low lying placenta.. i want to know is this a matter of concern or it is normal

Doctor: A low-lying placenta is often at 24 weeks of pregnancy should be of no concern yet at this time of the pre natal stage. Many women have a low-lying placenta diagnosed earlier in pregnancy when they experience bright red vaginal bleeding. The vaginal bleeding is caused by growth of the placenta, and because the placenta is hanging over the cervix, the outer layers actually peel off and cause bleeding. The bleeding usually does not pose any threat to the baby, but a large amount of bleeding can cause issues for the mother if it continues.Let me reassure that the placenta would migrate from the low part of the uterus to the upper part of it. I would suggest only complying with her pre natal controls, if at the end of the pregnancy the placenta has not migrated yet, it might cause complications during delivery and your Ob- Gyn might prefer to perform a C section delivery. In the meantime, there is nothing to worry about; I would just suggest her to comply with her controls pre natal vitamins and minerals.