Low post prandial sugar levels in a diabetic

Patient: My grandmother has been diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago.She had high diabetes levels,but with medication and self control she has managed to bring down the levels.Her most recent test results show her fasting blood sugar level to be 96 mg per dl while 2 hours after lunch showed 72 mg per dl. What could be d reasons for such levels?

Doctor: Low post meal sugar levels of your grandmother may be due to any of the following reasons,- over treatment – the dose of diabetes tablets is set too high or she accidentally took a greater dose than prescribed- mismatched calorie intake versus demand- this happens when the meals or snacks that are too small, delayed, skipped or you eat less than usual.- increased physical activity- alcoholic beveragesI would suggest to consult her doctor for the necessary changes in her diet or medications to adequately maintain her sugars and prevent complications of hypoglycemia.