Low Semen Quantity. Low Semen Pressure.

Patient: Dear Sir,for some days i am experiencing a sudden decreased in semen quantity in ejaculation. i see no pressure and semen just come out without any pressure and in very low quantity. i also experience that shape, thickness color etc of semen also has changed. some days ago during masturbation when i was about to cum i felt too much itching in my penis (Inside), I then scratched it hard. and after that this problem has came. i don’t know is there anything related with that itching or not. I am 27 years old.

Symptoms: Low Semen Quantity. Low Semen Pressure.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There might be a possibility of an inflammation or an infection, leading to altered d ischarge or semen. Consider seeing a doctor and get an examination done to rule out any infection. You may also get a semen analysis done to check if all parameters are within normal range and this will reassure you. Meanwhile, avoid excessive and rigorous masturbation.Hope this helped.Regards