Low serum iron, low TIBC. chronic disease?

Patient: Hi. i have been feeling more tired than normal lately. I usually don’t sleep very much, usually an average of 5-6 hours a night; sometimes 8 hours, sometimes as little as 3. I can usually pull myself through. But the past few weeks, it is harder to snap out of it, so I am doubtful that my fatigue is totally caused by lack of sleep. My legs also ache a lot, especially in my lower legs and ankles.I just had blood work done, and there were a few abnormalities.Monocytes 14%serum iron 31 (normal 50-200)TIBC 224 (normal 240-400)Transferrin saturation 14% (normal 15-50)potassium 5.4 (normal 3.5-5)hemoglobin 12should I be concerned? Do these automatically point to chronic disease?i have searched the internet a lot, and the only reason that i can find for low serum iron and low TIBC is Anemia of Chronic Disease. Is this always the case?Of course, malnutrition is mentioned. But I doubt it is that. What would constitute malnutrition? I don’t eat a lot. But I try to eat salads and other foods frequently.

Symptoms: tired, sometimes slightly lightheaded, sleepy, achy lower legs and ankles. tight hip muscles, sore around sciatic nerve, maybe connected with sore ankles.

Doctor: Your symptoms and blood reports point towards an ‘Iron deficiency Anaemia’. This condition occurs most commonly when you r diet is deficient in iron. You may consult your GP for advice regarding oral iron supplements (in the form of capsules or syrup). In addition, take a deworming medicine to get rid of any helminthic infection of the gut. You may also search the net for all the possible sources of iron in the diet and incorporate them in your regular meals.