Low sex drive / energy / Erection

Patient: About 6 months ago I started to have low energy, and low sex drive / libido. This happened shortly after finding out I had chladmydia, which I quickly got rid of. From that point, My penis has shrunk in size and my scrotum hangs lower. My erections are not as strong and my penis is not the size it used to be, erections are harder to get (can’t just think of sexual things and get a hard erection anymore) and I also found that when masturbating, I ejaculate very easily and not a large amount of ejaculate comes out. Wondering what the problem may be (i’ve been going through depression and anxiety but working on these things, I do not see the progress I wish to achieve). I am considering taking T but I don’t know if that is a smart thing to do really.. (I’ve tried exercising and de-stressing, but maybe I need to try harder to de-stress or maybe I need to take drugs..) I’m a 25 year old male.

Symptoms: Low energy, mood swings , low sex drive,