Lower abdomen pain during Pullups and pushups

Patient: Hello Doctor,I’m experiencing lower right abdomen pain while doing pullups and pushups at the gym .. Yeah i have little bit tummy.. And im currently on a weight loss program .. My age is 21 .. and my weight is 89kg. The interseting part is im not able to hold myself in the pull up bar… I experience a severe pain .. but after a hour it disappears..Kindly help me doctor

Symptoms: Lower abdomen pain, workout, pull ups, push up

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.Pressure in the abdomen increases when you are doing exercises like P ull ups and Push ups. Breathing out while you are exerting can reduce this pressure.When you hold your breath while exerting, you will increase the thoracic pressure and this increases the abdominal pressure. However, you may be suffering Liver disease or Gall stone disease and I recommend that you consult a Physician as soon as possible.Wishing you a speedy recovery.