Lower back hurts really bad

Patient: Hi, my name is Tyler Garrett. The other day I woke up and my lower back was hurting horribly. I got up and it hurt even more, but eventually I was able to walk around stopping to let a wave of pain pass every now and then. I have ADHD so I don’t get used to this kind of pain very well. It doesn’t seriously hurt until I stand up, but even then eventually it starts to wear down. Now my first thought was that I pulled a muscle, because when I woke up my bed had its sheets and covers all over the place like someone tore them off and didn’t put them back on, so I must have been moving erratically in my sleep enough to pull a muscle in my lower spine or something. Then later on I had to pass gas, and my second thought was that I just had REALLY bad gas and I had so much that it hurt, however that didn’t add up because the pain was still there after I passed gas. I woke up this morning and the pain wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday morning; it’s not intolerable, but it hurts enough that I know it’s there [I’m saying the pain is only enough to be noticeable, yet I still have moderately sharp waves.]. I did a google search and I saw some things about end-stage kidney disease (which I knew was preposterous because the pain I’m having is in the lower area, not upper area), kidney stones (which again isn’t true because of the aforementioned info) and then I turned to the thought of the possibility of appendicitis, but then I asked my mother about it because she’s had experience with health problems in the past and she said appendicitis is NOTHING like what I’m going through. The last thing I read about before I decided to post here was the symptoms of lactose intolerance and it said one of the symptoms was pain in the lower area like I am experiencing. I’m not sure if I have anything I mentioned above but all I just want to know is the cause of this pain in my lower back. It’s really worrying me and I could use some reassurance. Thanks and I appreciate any help available, please respond soon!- Tyler Garrett

Symptoms: Pain in my lower back that comes in waves