Lower back pain!

Patient: I have excruciating lower back pain

Symptoms: I have a sore back. I can’t stand, or walk without having to sit down or if I have to stand I just sway back and forth. I can’t sleep with this pain.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We would require some more specific details pertaining to your lower back pain. If your pai n is as severe as you describe it we recommend that you see your doctor to determine the cause of your lower back pain. Such pain could be caused by a degenerative intervertebral disc, a slipped or prolapsed disc, spinal cord compression, or lower back muscle strains.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com

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Guest: Hi,i have just moved and my back has just got a shock or something i couldnt move for atleast 40 mins.Somehow i got up on the bed and my legs started shaking,i domt know what to do

Guest: I was dancing into room and I think I pulled something . The left if my lower back is In a lot of pain . Any advice on what I should do for the pain?