Lower back pain after foot-landing fall

Patient: Is lower back and stomach pains resulting a fall into a 5 foot window well indication of a spinal fracture?

Symptoms: Lower back pain and pressure, bruising on arms and legs, pain in back of head, stomach pain and nausea

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Spinal fractures are serious injuries and can be caused by a fall such as yours. This can be best confirmed with an x ray or spinal ct scan. We are also concerned with the fact that you hit your head, which could result in traumatic brain injuries such as concussions. It is in your best interest to proceed to your nearest emergency department, or urgent care clinic to conduct a full examination of your injury. The stomach pain you are experiencing could be indicative of internal organ damage. Please seek medical attention as soon as soon as you can.Thank you for choosing Askthedoctor.com