Lower back pain after pyelonephritis

Patient: Hello, i have been diagnosed with pyelonephritis and stayed in the hospital for 4 days under full supervision (IV and antibiotics). After my hospital discharge I came home and for the past 3 days l’ve been taking antibiotics twice a day. The reason why I am writing is threconstant pain in my lower back. Is it commom to still have pain even when the blood results came negative? I do not have any other symptomps Besides the back pain.

Symptoms: Lower back pain

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.In some cases, pain may persist even though the infection has come under control. Get a US G KUB test done to check the prognosis of the disease. Hydration therapy plays an important role in this. Try pain killer medication (NSAIDs) to get relief. If the pain still persists, consult Urologist for further advice.Have a nice day.