Lower back pain and tingling in Lower limbs

Patient: I fell from a ladder 3 months I am a 49 year old women I have been taking pain killers since the fall Tramol and endep, I have pain in my lower back across my buttocks and down my legs with tingling feeling from my knees to my feet my legs are very restless at night with sudden jerking and straitening.I had an mri which has shown a bulge in minor broadbased disc bulge in L3L4 and L4L5minor broardbased disc bulge with a opposable very minor central disc protrusion.My GP said that there is nothing wrong with me but i am in pain all the time and my legs at night are getting worse what can i do about this and dose it ever repair itself.

Doctor: Your symptoms and MRI suggests that you have some nerve impingement( pinched nerve) in the area of L4-L5 which may have been sustained when you fell and which may be leading to your symptoms.There is not much that can be done medically except taking pain killers, certain lifestyle changes like avoid lifting heavy items, bend from your knees and not your hip while bending down. The other option is sugery which may /may not have a positive outcome.If you get any symptoms of loss of sensation in the lower limbs, urinary retention, leakage of stool or loss of sensation in the anal area these are worrisome signs and you should go to the nearest ER.  It is best that you review your options with your GP and decide what the best method of treament would be.