Lower back pain and unexplained symptoms.

Patient: I have chronic lower back pain. It gets worse throughout the day with any kind of activity, but the more I do the more it hurts. The pain eventually gets to an unbearable point where I’m in tears, it feels like something is drilling into my spine. This is accompanied by pain in both hips and weakness in both legs. They feel as if they’re going to give out on me. I’ve also been having restless legs when I lie down at night. I’ve had an MRI of my lower back which showed nothing at all. I don’t know what else to ask the doctors to look for or what kind of doctor I need to see to get answers. Since they can’t see anything wrong, they don’t want to treat my pain anymore and I really need to find out what’s causing this. Hoping you can help.

Symptoms: Lower back pain, weakness in legs, restless legs

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to askthedoctor.com.There are two main possibilities for your symptoms:1) Mechanical pain2) Rest less leg syndrome (RLS)I will advice you to get your serum ferritin and thyroid function tests done.In case your serum ferritin comes low, this may result in anaemia which can cause RLS. If no cause is found, discuss with your doctor , he may start you on tablet ropinirole.Do hot fomentation of back. It will help you in mechanical pain.I hope it helps.Stay healthy.