Lower back pain cause by herniated disc.

Patient: Iam facing lower back pain for last 9 months. it’s started after an incident in my office.i worked around 45 minutes below my computer cabin by bending the body.i have pain in the right lower back only.i consulted 3 doctors.After verifyg my MRI doctor said there is a pblm in disc and it’s not serious and will be recovered if you take 2 weeks complete bed rest.Is it true?please see my MRI..my case is serious?Can i recover from my illness? Please reply Thank you

Doctor: Back pain is usually benign and mainly caused by mechanical stress and strain. Usually problems with the disc are a resu lt of herniation and compression of nerve roots. The cause of disc herniation is due to trauma or injury, degenerative changes with age, lifting heavy weighs or forceful twisting of the lower back. The treatment of the lumbar herniated disc is by rest, pain-killers and physical therapy. Ice, ultrasound treatment to the muscles, massage and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) may help in some cases. Severe cases of back pain may require corticosteroid injections and surgery.