Lower back pain help

Patient: I am diabetic 550 lbs i had back pain that comes around my back and into the back of my left side. i wwent 12 months ago to vanderbuilt and had mri they said i had 5 bonespurs and a small stone but tthe stone should not give me any problem i took hydrocodone for about 3 months woke up one day in april pain gone has not been back …..about 4 weeksago pain is back stronger than ever 3 tylenols evrery 6 hours makes the pain go from a 9 to a 4 on a scale of 1-10i have had my appendix out 30 years agoi still have my gall bladderi am diabeticmy blood pressure has beeen goodi have been on blood pressure medicine, no insulin useit is almost impossible to get comfort, hard to sleep, hard to sitnotice it hurts worse right after eating a meal

Symptoms: Pain left back and side above belt line