Lower back pain in 12yr old male

Patient: What would cause lower back pain in a 12yr old boy?

Symptoms: Only lower back pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Low back pain in children and adolescents can often be caused musculoskeletal pain or more serious conditions. It is important to have this evaluated by your doctor as soon as you can and have a complete history of the presenting illness taken, physical examination, laboratory testing, and x-rays performed. Other diagnostic imaging studies may be required as well, such as an MRI. It is often observed that lower back pain in children is due to recreational injury and can resolve without complication after some rest, and analgesic medication.Back pain that lasts for extended periods may be more serious disorders, including disk herniation, or neoplasms (benign or malignant tissue or bone growths).In rare cases, primary osseous neoplasms (cancers) of the lumbar spine can occur such as Ewing sarcoma, benign osteoblastomas, primary lymphoma. These lesions occur more often under the age of 20. Other causes of low back pain include spinal cord tumors congenital disorders of the spine such as scoliosis.Thank you for choosing Askthedoctor.com