Lower back pain, limited mobility.

Patient: I’ve had lower back pain for years. I also have pain in both legs that I thought was unrelated after being diagnosed with bursitis in my hip, runner’s knee, and tendonitis in my ankle. This was only for one leg, though. At this point, I sometimes get shooting pain down both legs. Mostly, my lower back hurts badly and I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time. I’ve also noticed that when the pain is getting worse throughout the day, I get the urge to poop. I’ve gone from going once every couple of days to going multiple times a day. I haven’t lost control of my bladder or bm, but what could it be that would associate the pain with going to the bathroom? It’s not kidney pain, I’ve had that before…the pain is local to my spine. I sometimes have numbness on either side of my spine as well. Eventually, it will hurt all the way down to my tailbone and feel like I fell on it, but I didn’t. When the pain is at its worst, I have limited mobility. Anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers are doing nothing. Thanks!

Symptoms: Lower back pain, urge to use the bathroom, leg pain.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The urge to have a bowel movement could be related to your pain, or could be due to the med ication that you are taking. Diazepam (Valium) has a very common side effect of causing diarrhea. It is possible that a side effect of this medication is causing your urge to defecate. We recommend that you address this issue with the doctor who prescribed you this medication to determine if an alternative medication will be better for you or if you can stop taking it all together. You are already taking Percocet and Naproxen, which are two every strong analgesic medication and these along may be sufficient in treating your pain.Thank you for choosing Askthedoctor.com