Lower back pain, sharp with certain movementw

Patient: I had lower back pain show up randomly two weeks ago. No injury. Low grade ache normally, but I get a sudden sharp pain with certain movements – sometimes just walking, or if I bump into something, sometimes when I sneeze. The sharp pain feels kind of like when you miss a step on the stairs and hit the ground too hard. Very quick but very sharp. I also have pain/difficulty rolling over in bed, and getting in and out of my car. It seems worse in the mornings. What might this be?

Symptoms: Lower back pain, sharp lower back pain with movement

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Lower back pain along with obesity usually indicates that it is due to strain on the mus cles. You can try RICE to see if it helps you.Rest the muscle and avoid straining it.Ice the lower back for 15 minutes at a time every hourCompress the back with a back support and massage the areaElevation of the back is usually not possibleTake tablet Paracetamol to help reduce the swellingIf this does not help after 10 days, please see a Doctor. Hope this helps you. All the best.