Lower right back pain

Patient: Ive having real sharp pains in my lower back I thought it was a uti so I got some meds for it didn’t cure it it helped sometimes with the pain but not always I cut back on my soda and mainly drink apple juice please tell me what it is or could be when I went to the doc he gave me some meds and told me I had blood in my urine I’m so tired of not being able to play with my kids must less cook for em

Symptoms: Lower back pain

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Self-medication is not only wrong but dangerous. These medications have an adv erse effect on our internal organs. We physicians do not prescribe any medications unless we have diagnosed the cause / disease. Please DO NOT self-medicate at any cost.Blood in the urine could have various reasons like A kidney stone, Infection, Nephritis, Cancer or a medication. A sharp pain could be a kidney stone. I recommend a visit to the physician and getting a USG, cystoscopy, urine test etc performed.Treatment: Kidney stones can be treated with hydration therapy in which the doctor would suggest intake of large amounts of water and the stone may pass on its own in 48 hours. In some cases, the stone is large and cannot pass through the ureter. In such cases, nephrolithotomy is performed i.e. breaking the large stone into smaller pieces so it can pass through the ureter. You may be given pain medications to manage the pain.Hope this information was useful.