Lumber puncher problems/kidney infection

Patient: I had a lumbar puncher on the 4/12 due to a thunder clap headache. The lumber puncher took 1hour30minutes. With 5 attempts to get liquid out. Big needles. I had a lumber puncher headache which enable me to move about. It started to ease on Saturday, ive also been getting a pulsating/throbbing pain mid back above the lumbar sight. And I have a kidney infection to which I am booked in for a scan on monday. My question is why is my lower back pulsating/throbbing and more when lay down. Many thanks

Symptoms: Pulsating/throbbing in lower back

Doctor: Welcome to Ask the doctor.We are here to help you.Headache after lumbar puncture is very common.We usually advise to lay down straight and do not move your head after lumbar puncture for at least 18 hours, but if you don’t follow this you may definitely have the pain. Worst part is that the pain which develops after this is not easily treatable.I would still advise you to take tramadol for this. It will give some relief.If you have any further query please feel comfortable to ask me.Stay Healthy.