Lump and pain at thumb joint

Patient: Have a lump on thumb joint sore to touch n movement, also thumb knuckle clicks. Hard to move in the morning pain moving up my thumb and sometimes arm

Doctor: Most likely the symptoms that you are experiencing in your thumb are caused by an inflammation of the tendon, the tendo on sheath and possibly the capsule: called Tenosynovitis. Often there is a history of recent trauma or repetitive use (overuse) of the affected finger. This type of tenosynovitis most commonly affects the thumb or ring finger. The healing time depends on each particular case, the improvement does not come overnight, sometimes takes longer, so be patient. The conservative treatment include the following: avoid activities that reproduce the pain (activities modification), use of anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e: “Aleve”, “Advil”), and splinting of the affected finger (if needed). If there is poor or no improvement the local corticosteroid injection may be considered.