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Lump in Throat Post Tonsillectomy?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi there, I had one tonsil bigger than the other about 4 months ago, my ENT decided to take out my tonsils. He did this, and told me if it looked suspicious he would send one for a sample. After the surgery he said they both just looked infected and were the same size. So he saw no need to send a biopsy. I am now 3 weeks post op, and I have this feeling of a lump in my throat, and also the left side of my tongue is tingling sometimes...is this something normal for someone post op of tonsillectomy? I am worried that because he did not send a biopsy, I may have something far more nasty that is getting worse because of my symptoms..... is there anything you can tell me to ease my mind? my voice is a little croaky and it only seems to be when i talk alot or eat or drink alot that my voice is croaky and i really feel like i have a lump somewhere...is this normal for someone post op tonsillectomy? or should i have cause to be worried? also i am 24, smoked for 1 year quit 5 months ago now, and drink often. thank you


While I understand your concern I do not think your symptoms represent a complication of your tonsillectomy. I really think they are just 'after effects ' and will dissipate shortly. You should not worry. In the unlikely event that these symptoms persist then I suggest that you visit with your ENT surgeon and explain your issues.

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