Lump on nose, under the skin, due to acne pimple.

Patient: I developed some type of a lump or a fat tissue on my nose due to acne pimple I had 2 year ago in which it got infected. , the skin look fine but when cold hits on the skin, it swells and turns red, and same thing when its a hot weather. It is really bothering me. , I have seen a dermatologist for this problem they also couldn’t help. I have tried all different types of medication, like antibiotics pills, antibiotics cream, and nothing worked. I would like to know what is the best thing to do in order to get rid of it. Thanks

Symptoms: Swelling, colour change to red.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to seems that you are suffering from a condition called Rosacea.It is a conditi on of the skin characterized by red-colored bumps usually on the nose which may involve cheeks also. The lesions are precipitating by multiple factors like seasonal variation, hot or cold exposure, taking hot fluids, spicy food, chocolates etc.It may be associated with a gritty sensation of eyes also.In such cases, I usually advise my patients to take tab doxycycline and apply clindamycin gel and metrogyl gel.If photosensitivity is present, sunscreen is also advised.You may discuss this with your treating doctor.I hope it helps.Stay healthy.