Lump on thigh that has not grown in 4 years

Patient: I’m 19 and I have a small lump on my outer thigh, it’s no bigger than a 2p piece and has not grown any bigger in the years that I have had it.It’s painless and seems to be easier to feel when i bend my leg (contracting my thigh muscle)I’ve had it for quite some time (at least 4 or 5 years) and it hasn’t ever got any bigger or hurt or itched or anything like that but recently I’ve just been thinking about it quite a lot (I do have some health anxiety). I’ve had my Mum feel it and she says she has a few of a similar thing on her legs and one on her tummy and they are completely harmless.I’m just convincing myself that I have cancer and I’m absolutely terrified.It isn’t something you can see, you have to feel for it and it’s fairly flat. I think it may be like a hard patch of scar tissue or something but I’m sending myself into a panic about it at the moment.

Symptoms: Lump