Lump under arm and wrist and ankle swelling. no pain

Patient: I have a lump under my right arm. I have had the lump for 2 1/2 months. Its not causing any pain however it is getting larger. I also have been having swelling in my wrist and ankle on the same side as the lump. No pain as well there just swelling.Do the lump and swelling have any correlation, and should I be concerned about the lump?

Symptoms: Lump under arm
wrist and ankle swelling

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are lead to believe that this lump you have had developing under your arm could be a sw ollen lymph node. The associated swelling of the arm and leg could be due to obstruction of this lymph node and associated lymphatic blood vessels. This is associated with a condition called lymphedema. When a patient is affected by lymphedema, the obstructed lymphatic vessels causes swelling of the extremities affected. Symptoms included the obvious observed selling and a sensation of heaviness in the limb with decreased range of motion. Limbs with severe lymphedema can be easily infected and surrounding skin can become hardened and thick. At this point, your symptoms may not be severe and further examination is required to definitively diagnose you with lymphedema. We therefore recommend that you consult your doctor to have the swollen areas physically examined. You may also require to have an MRI and ultrasound of the limbs in order to assist in making the diagnosis of lymphedema. If diagnosed, there are several treatment options that can be utilized in the treatment of this condition. Such as, wrapping the limb with a bandage to prevent the accumulation of excess lymphatic fluid, massage therapy to increase lymphatic circulation, and wearing compression garments. Please see your doctor to continue these diagnostic investigations.Thank you for consulting