Lumps in my neck above my adams apple

Patient: Hi well basically I have had a few hard lump grow above my adams apple in the last 4 days and they have grown from the one side of my neck to the other even directly above my adams apple and they are starting to hurt I was wondering what it might be.

Doctor: These lumps are most likely enlarged lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are tiny structures located throughout the body which help the body’s immune system fight against diseases such as infections. Lymph nodes enlarge in response to diseases within their region of the body. In your case, there may be an infection in your upper airways. One such common infection is called Infectious Mononucleousis which is relatively common at your age. The lymph nodes will return to their normal size once the infection has resolved. There are other causes for lymph node enlargement so you should see your doctor make sure it nothing more serious.