Lumps Under the Skin Around Neck and Shoulders

Patient: I am having a lot of shoulder and neck pain. I tried rubbing the sore areas and I found some thick lumps under the skin on my shoulders and about an inch up my neck. When I try to rub them, I have been under the assumption they are “knots” they kinda move a bit. They are not firmly in that place. They are causing me severe pain. I have tried heat, cold, rubbing them, and having someone else rub them. I have had to taken night time tylenol and that barely touches the pain.So all in all, are these just bad muscle knots and should I get a massage?I dont know if this is relevant, but I was just recently in the ER because I had auditory and visual hallucinations and severe vomiting. The doctor could not figure out what was wrong after running a full tox screen