Lung and head

Patient: Hello Sir,I am Abhijith and i am 25 years old. i have leucocytoclastic vasculitis. A lot of pimples are there in my legs,face,back and chest. Also i have brochits(astma) like issues. On december 23 i had a breathing problem feel like block in my right lung related to that cough also there. With this illness i got one side head load with little pain. i feel weight in head related to that one of my nose is always feel like blocked. The nose block changed like my position right nose or left. Now i have little pain in my chest too. i have also anxiety in some cases.My doctor gave me levolin,Decifilyn R 150, Omnicef and montek L C kid.My weight 45 kg and height 5 feet 6 inchsometimes i feel some bad sickness is with me Please helpThank you