Lymph node or cyst?

Patient: I have a lump underneath my arm that at first I thought was swollen lymph node but recently it has grown from the peanut size to a bigger size and pus is now coming out of it. Does that mean that it is a cyst? Is that normal? How should I bandage and treat it?

Doctor: What you are describing, seems to be caused by folliculitis which now has become into an abscess with pus discharge. Fol lliculitis is the inflammation of the hair folliciles due to tight clothing, shaving or when the pores get blocked. Most of the time warm compresses and oral or topical antibiotics (mupirocin) help to resolve the folliculitis. I would advice you not to put any other material on the boil. Since you have described an abscess which is draining pus, I would have you consult a doctor to see whether the abscess may require surgical drainage.