Maca root supplement

Patient: Im thinking about taking Maca supplement, and im on depo provera shot for birth control. I was just curious, if taking this supplement would cancel out my birth control? Ive looked over google forthe answer, but i want to know for sure.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Maca root is an herbal supplement which is believed to treat symptoms associated with chron ic fatigue and hormonal fluctuations. However there is little information, or evidence based data about how this supplement will affect the efficacy of oral contraceptives.Oral contraceptives can indeed interact with a lot of different drugs and supplements. These interactions may increase their risk of side effects, such as developing blood clots in the extremities. Maca root or any supplement for that matter, may also decrease the efficacy of oral contraceptive, by interfering with its absorption and metabolism within the body.We do not recommend that you you take this supplement until you discuss at length your reason for taking Maca along with your birth control medication with you doctor. There may be safer alternatives for you which will not pose a risk of interacting with your oral contraceptive.We hope has addressed your medical query.