Major back pain in L four and five, S one, nothing seems to work

Patient: I was told I have a hematoma, degenarative disc disease and a buldging disc in my lower back around the L 4-5, S 1. They also told me my nerve endings are narrow. I’ve had his issue for 4 years now. First 3 no insurance, so nothing was done. A year ago I started PT, which I was not able to do, do to pain. Then went to a pain specialist who gave me a epidural steroid shot. I ended up in ER in major pain, and in the end it didn’t help. Now I am at another pain clinic who has given me 2 rounds of 6 ( 2 shots in 6 different nerve ending) shots in my nerve endings around the L4-5 S 1 area. That did help my sides, but no help for the major issue on my spine. I received another epidural shot, and am in major pain again, with no change to area on my spine. What should I do? Keep getting the shots or seek help elsewhere?