Malarone and effectiveness with pill

Patient: I have recently been taking malarone as been away also i have been on the pill but have had unprotected sex with my partner and he came inside me on a numerous occasions its been about a week and i am experiencing very sore and tender boobs, feeling queazy and lower left abdomen pain (cramps) i took a test but came back negative, is there still a chance i am pregnant?

Symptoms: nausea
sore/ tender boobs
lower left abdomen pain

Doctor: Malarone is a prophylactic medication for malaria and has no effect on birth contraception pills.If you have been on t he pill for some time and have followed the prescription meticulously and have not missed out on the daily pills and have not interrupted the pills in the previous months the chance of you being pregnant is less. Also you have not mentioned the date of your last periods and whether they have been overdue. So if you have tested before the date of expected periods the test will be negative . But if you have tested after a day or two of missed periods and still the test is negative you may retest again after a week if you do not get the periods and consult a doctor whatever may be the result. In case your abdominal pain and other symptoms get worse you may consult your doctor earlier.