Male enhancement product without birth defect problem

Patient: I am not interested in sex these days, and would like to use some male enhancement product or libido. As my wife and i are planning to have a baby soon, could you advise some male enhancement product without reproductive harm or birth defect problem? Thanks!




Doctor: Decreased libido, or reduced sex drive is often accompanied with sexual disorders. The common causes of low libido in me n include medications such as antidepressants and steroids, excessive alcohol, stress and fatigue, chronic illness, low testosterone and strain in the relationship.Treatment of decreased libido depends on the cause. I would advise a complete physical examination and blood tests with your doctor to rule out the above mentioned causes of low libido. Adopting a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise, limiting alcohol and reducing stress can help resolve the problem. Other treatment options may include medications, testosterone replacement if the levels are low or counselling.

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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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