Male hormone imbalance

Patient: Male hormone imbalance? Im a 19 year old male and I stimulate my breasts and nipples because I like the way it feels. Over the past couple months, however, I have noticed changes in my body. My breasts have gotten slightly larger and feel completely different. They feel spongy/squishy/full/ and feel really good when I squeeze them. I seem to have less hair growth, more feminine skin, and I feel like I have lost a significant amount of muscle. My erections are much weaker, and I barely have any ejaculate. My penis and testicles also seem smaller, and have much less feeling than they used to have. Is all this caused by my breast stimulation? Part of me wants to have breasts, and even be able to lactate. But I am not transgender nor am I trying to be. Are these changes permanent? Is it possible to have more breast growth/ enable lactation without losing all masculinity? Is there a certain point where I can never be back to normal?




Symptoms: Breast growth, increased feeling in breasts, less hair growth, low libido

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your elucidate history in details and understood your problems.To recapitulate and explain- Male / 19 – it is possible that you were stimulating your breast and nipples as a part of changed interests – changes in body over couple of months- in breasts, hair, muscle mass and many – erection reduced and barely ejaculate.All these things probably are not caused by breast and nipple stimulation.The changes are over 2 months and if investigated and treated well with the help of an Endocrinologist, Psychologist they may revert back.You really have to rush through and your fast decision is also going to tell us your inclination.Yes, if you do not take the positive steps, the things may be permanent hence the need to rush in.Wishing you all the best.

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