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Male Pattern Hairloss and Treatment Options

Patient: Hello i am 33 years old male having androgenic alopecia.lats 2 years i am suffering this problem.i have tried minoxdil,but when i applied this my bp goes i have stopped it.plz suggest good treatment for me.



Doctor: Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss. Hair loss usually begins with the fr ontoparietal scalp and then the vertex. Minoxidil and Finasteride are approved drugs for treatment of baldness in men. Since you’ve had some complications with minoxidil, finesteride is an option you can consider. Nizoral shampoo, commonly used as an anti-dandruff, is also observed to improve baldness however, it is not approved as a recommended treatment for baldness. Laser treatment for baldness is a new option but can be pricey and still needs further studies to assess the risks vs benefits. Hair transplant is a more promising option. Hair transplant can permanently restore hair, but many sessions are needed and costs is high. It is also important to diagnose and treat underlying causes of alopecia such as diabetes, hypo or hyperthyroidism and fungal scalp infection. You may want to consult a dermatologist to know more of your options. I do hope I have enlightened you in some way. I wish you well always.



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Guest: Hi Sir
I am 29years old and from India. I had sever hair fall since 2010. I consulted a doctor and he prescribed me Tugain 5% solution, Fincover 1mg and Bio HGF . I stopped taking Fincover 1mg and Bio HGF after 1 year as these medicines could cause sever side effects. But I continued using Tugain 5% solution for 2-3months in every year from 2011. Tugain 5% solution was effectively worked for me without side effects till 2013. But when I started using Tugain 5% (1ml per day) from 2014, I noticed breathing problem with increasing heart beat. I stopped applying tugain for 3months and then started again which resulted breathing problem again. Could you suggest me if any alternate for Tugain 5% solution? I want to maintain my hair for another 2-3years(fyi-my dad had bald head). Do you suggest me to apply Tugain 5% foam instead of solution? Or Tugain 5% foam could also cause breathing problem?
Thanks in advance


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