Male Urethral Pain

Patient: Hello, I am a male in my twenties who has recently been diagnosed with Prostatitis. I have several of the symptoms related to this condition, however my primary pain is in the urethra. My symptoms began shortly after using lip balm as a personal lubricant and moisturizer on the genital area. My question is: Can using too much of this lubricant cause it to absorb through the skin and get inside the urethra? It was only applied to the shaft of the penis, but I’m still concerned that somehow it absorbed into my urethra. Thanks for your help.

Doctor: Lubiricants such as lip balm should not be used in the genital area and neither should just any moisturizer. There are s pecial lubricant out on the market (for example KY Jelly) that are proper lubricants to use. There is definitely a possibily of these lubricants getting into your body from the opening of the penis.