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Male Yeast Infection

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hey, I'm a 17 year old male and a doctor in a free clinic advised me that my penis showed signs of yeast. He told me to buy Clotrimozole cream that is anti-fungal and so I did. However, he said it should come off in about a week. I've been putting the cream on, night and day, for the past 9 weeks and although the situation got better, I still see small light red areas... what should I do? I hear Monistat is very good. Should I buy that? Is it ever going to fully go away? I'm worried. Please help.


I understand your concern about your condition. Signs and symptoms of a male yeast infection include a reddish rash, along with itching or burning at the tip of the penis. Fortunately, most male yeast infections are easily treated with an over-the-counter antifungal treatment, such as Monistat. Apply the medication directly to the affected skin twice daily for a week. If the rash doesn't go away or if it recurs frequently you might need to be re evaluated to rule out other conditions.

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