Male Yeast infection/ Balanitis Won’t go away after many treatments

Patient: I’m a 21 year old male and I have had a yeast infection for over a year, I believe it was contracted from unprotected sex. I have seen 3 doctors, 1 being a urologist, and the other 2 where at the local STD center. They all have diagnosed it as a fungal infection, Candida Yeast infection, the Urologist calls its Balanitis for a male. I have tried many treatments with no luck, it would seem like it would get better in the beginning but just stop. I have tried multiple single dose Fluconazoles tabs 150mg. And recently the Urologist put me on 50mg/day Fluconazole for 1 month with OTC Jock Itch topical treatment Equate. Which is 1% Terbinafine. I just went back to the Urologist and he put me on another 2 months of 50mg/day fluconazole. I really feel that this isn’t working and I am nervous to wait another 2 months to see what happens, since every treatment from the multiple doctors assured me it would clear up, but have not. I have tried all monistat’s also. I dont know what else to try other than what the doctor told me, but after 1 month there was very very little improvement. So i feel that it will be the same result, I have spent so much money well over $650 to try and get rid of this and really cannot afford to continue with these expensive doctor visits. I’m really starting to lose all hope at this point and getting depressed from it. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. If pictures would help you with your answer or recommendations please tell me and I will get some up. Thank you for all who took the time to help me!

Symptoms: Redness, few rash spots big and small around head, slight burning, not ussualy. Discomfort.