Management of high bp and high cholesterol

Patient: I have a total cholesterol of 274 mg by dl out of which LDL is 190 and HDL is 45. Also my SGOT and SGPT levels which are 74 and 200 respectively are signifiantly over the upper limit. My blood pressure also remains high at approx. 160 by 100 and I daily take one tablet of Amcard AT. I am 5 feet 10 and my body weight is 110 kgs (obese). How should I get all of them back to normal?

Doctor: You have both hypertension ie high blood pressure along with hyperlipidemia ie high blood cholesterol and along with obe sity these are major risk factors for heart disease. I would advice you two methods of treatment. One is lifestlye modicafication which includes diet control as well as daily exercise. In your diet you need to cut down on red meat, oily and deep fried foods, increase the green and yellow vegs in the diet, increase th intake of nuts, fish, and omega 3 fatty acids. Also decrease or cut down on  your intake of canned foods and salty food. You also need to exercise regularly atleast 3-5 times a week for 30-40 mins each time. This could be in the form of walking ro swimming to more vigours gym exercises. You also may need to be started on anti cholesterol medication as well as add another high blood pressure medication to your regime. I would advice you to talk to your GP about the same. All the best.