Manicure and lunula

Patient: I recently (month ago) had a manicure, first one ever and I didn’t enjoy it as it was painful. Especially on my thumbs for some reason. Anyhow a couple of days later I noticed on my thumbs, the bottom part of the lunula near where the cuticle would be has now taken on a small reddish hue, right on the lunula, under the nail. So I checked it out and it says everything from heart disorders to cancer OMG, now I’m terrified. The weird thing is if I hold my thumbs straight up and look at them I can see the reddish hue, however if I turn my hand around and look at them downwards I don’t see the reddish hue. Is it possible the manicure caused an irritation under the nail bed on the lunula part? I know when she kept pressing on that lunula area, it hurt a bit, I’ve always been sensitive there.