Marijuana Use in Pregnancy: Is it Detectable in the Baby’s Blood?

Patient: I am 37 weeks pregnant and there has been alot of stipulation on whether or not they drug test newborns. i took a couple of drags of marijuana. i dont smoke on a daily basis and im wondering if it will be in the babys system after birth. i hope you can help me. thanks

Doctor: Yes, there is a fair chance it will be in the baby’s system after birth. After marijuana is being smoked it is rapidly d distributed to various parts of the body and it can also cross the placenta. It may be detected in the blood even after ~1 month from last use. The amount (heavy users, regular, or occasional) of marijuana being smoked will also affect its being detectable in the blood. You’re probably a regular user, I presume, so there is a possibility that it will be detectable in your blood (and your baby’s blood) even over a month of last use. Take care always.